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Makeup Artist Tax Deduction Tips

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Tax Deduction Tips for Makeup Artists

New year, new faces, new fun.  That’s what we always look forward to whenever a new year comes around as professional makeup artists.  However, it’s not all fluffy clouds, happy beauties, and all that good stuff.  As a sole proprietor, as most of you are as MUAs, there’s a depressing reality at the beginning of every year, and that comes in the form of filing taxes.  Yes, as US citizens, we have to file taxes every year anyways, but as entrepreneurs as well, I know that filling out the Schedule C is not the fun part of the makeup business.

Frustrated Baby Girl

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the makeup movement - social media trendsetting

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Social Media Trendsetting – How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

social media strategy

Part of being a business owner is understanding trends to stay ahead of the curve.  For us, and other wedding professionals alike, it’s important to understand the mindset of the typical engaged wedding couple.

It’s pretty obvious that there are 2 shifts that must be acknowledged and acted upon by every wedding professional: mobile marketing and social media platform shift.  Let’s take a closer look at those two trends, and what wedding professionals should do to stay in front of their audience.

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A Rustic and Classy Real Wedding

Rachel and Dave Destination Wedding Lake Tahoe 0344David and Rachel wed last June surrounded by the beauty of nature in South Lake Tahoe. The moment Rachel and David first laid eyes on each other on their wedding day, it was a priceless and breathtaking moment. Their first look location was intimate when sparks flew.

Recalling a life-changing moment Rachel said, “We had just gotten back from a BBQ lunch, I was out in our backyard gardening when Dave came out. He got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me and couldn’t live without me. He asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes! I was completely surprised!

Rachel and Dave Destination Wedding Lake Tahoe 0047

Planning the wedding was an enthralling and busy process. For the bride and groom, some difficult aspects were the invitations and keeping track of the guest list. They also agreed that creating the table charts took some time and deep thought. Rachel who woke up at 6 am on her wedding day, wished that her wedding didn’t go by so fast—before she knew it, the night was over!

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Sapphire and Simple


Congratulations to our lovely couple Nguyen and Kenro who wed on April 7 at the gorgeous St. Joseph Basilica.

“We wanted something very simple yet elegant in a rustic setting. It was sapphire blue and a few yellow here and there theme, the simplicity of our wedding showed the cleanliness and peaceful,” said the bride.

Nguyen recalls that their proposal was nothing special but admits it was “touching, sweet, and an emotional moment” as he proposed three days before Christmas during a gift exchange.  Kenro had prepared a speech for her recalling his fond memories and feelings towards her since their first date and then got down on one knee and popped the question! Continue reading

makeup artist marketing

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5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, whether you operate in a freelance capacity or structured within a salon or beauty shop, it’s extremely important to master the element of marketing.  On the Internet, if you can’t be found, you might as well be invisible.  I have been fortunate to have worked with countless makeup artists brimming with artistic and creative talent for makeup, and the common denominator amongst them is the difficulty in being able to market said skill sets to successive business growth.

I wanted to spend a little time today to share a few professional tips for the industry based on my experiences and learning, whether you are just starting out, looking to become a MUA, or just want to increase your growth for an established brand.  Here are 5 ways to market yourself as a makeup artist to boost your brand awareness quickly. FAIR WARNING: implementing the following will most likely result in having to spend some money (yes, you have to put some skin in the game!), but you’ll be better for it.  They are not the “end-alls” that will just explode your business (by the way, no marketer can ever guarantee that for you), but knowing how to use them will definitely help you).

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