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How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer and All Day

Everyone is looking for the secret to making your makeup last all day or longer through the day.  So we’ve come up with some great tips from our makeup artists to share how to get you that flawless finish all day long.

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Fall 2014 Makeup Trends

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Simple Fall 2014 Makeup Trends to Know

Makeup - Fall transition from summer

The fall 2014 season is upon us, ladies.  As the leaves change colors, and the weather cools down (well, it should eventually anyway unless you live in the drought and heat-laden California like we do!), it’s time we point out the hot makeup looks of the upcoming season.  Obviously, there are the super dramatic looks that we share on a regular basis with everyone on our Facebook page for creative inspiration, but since we are in the comforts of our blog and a bit more cozy and private with you, I wanted to tone it down a bit and focus on some simple looks that all of us can achieve on a regular basis.  =D Here we go!

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Plump Your Lips Without the Expensive Treatments

Notice that your lips seem to be thinning, or your lips just aren’t as plump as others?

Thin lips are a combination of several factors.  As we continually age (face it ladies…there’s no getting past it), our body’s ability to produce collagen slows down, which means our lips are not as plump as they used to be.  Sun damage, lack of hydration, and smoking will also contribute to speeding the process of thinning lips.  Some of us have been blessed to have volumized lips (i.e. Angelina Jolie, your friends, etc.). Others, not so much. Regardless, age always becomes a factor.

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