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kara dipal wedding

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Wine Country Wedding Bliss

Name: Kara &  Dipal

Wedding Date: 10/16/2014 (Also Kara’s birthday!)

Wedding Location: Groezinger Estate House at Villagio Inn & Spa in Yountville, California

Photographer: Andy Sandy

kara dipal wedding 2

Kara and Dipal wed in October, and their engagement story was a thing of beauty.  During their trip to the lake at Niagara, the couple decided to go for a walk.  They had stopped in front of a fountain, when Dipal suggested they make a wish.  He pulled out a couple of coins and they made their respective wishes.  A little while later, Dipal asked Kara what she wished for.

Kara replied “for us to be together forever.  What was your wish?”

Dipal replied “that you will say yes”.  And he got down on one knee to propose.

What a touching moment!  Can you imagine the scenic backdrop of Niagara behind you as your husband-to-be asks for you to marry him?  What a great feeling it must have been for Kara!

kara park wedding

Kara explained that the reason she ended up choosing The Makeup Movement because she felt very comfortable with Annie’s expertise in Asian bridal makeup.  She really wanted to go with a natural and classic look, but maintaining the elegance factor, which Annie was able to accomplish during the trial.  Kara also pointed out that the hair worked perfectly for her, because it allowed the wedding dress to be a focal point due to the intricate detail of the design.

When we asked Kara for her tips for future brides, it was quite simple: Pinterest! This seems to be the most resounding plug for the social media collage platform, where almost all of our brides have created boards for themselves for inspiration.  So get pinning!

kara dipal wedding 3

School Girl Hair Ideas

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Quick and Easy Hair Ideas for School

Yes, we all know that waking up for school in the mornings is sometimes a hassle. Getting ready for some people takes 5 minutes or less, while for others it can take 30 minutes to just walk out of the bathroom all ready to go. As students, we are al very busy with a jam-packed schedule. Well, we want to provide you with some hairstyles that won’t sacrifice looking nice and can be created in a few minutes or less with practice. We are here to show you three cute and quick hairstyles that you can rock during the school day.

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Office Woman Hair Ideas


Quick and Easy Hair Ideas for the Office

Hey beauties! Who said that you can’t be cute and stylish at the office? Well, we think you can be both professional and have your own sense of style when working. We know that mornings can be busy and getting out of the door isn’t easy, but here are some super adorable and easy hair ideas that you can rock during any meeting, conference, or presentation during the week.

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Fred and Lyan wedding

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East Coast West Coast Love Story

Usually when we talk about East Coast vs. West Coast, it can get in to some heated debates about whose got it better, and which coast is the best.  But today, we get the joy of sharing Fred and Lyan’s wedding, whom despite growing up on opposite sides of the country, were able to demonstrate that when it comes to love, there is no debate: love conquers all.

Fred and Lyan wedding party

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Simple and Quick Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and there is so much going on during this time of the year.  With the end of the year madness in full sight, the crunch to get everything done is full steam ahead.  With less than a month before the 31st, people are already talking about their halloween nights plans and most importantly their costume!  Costumes are a time treasured tradition and something that people spend a lot of time and energy putting together.  While this is completely fine, we have put together some ideas that can be thrown together last minute…maybe with things you already own!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.41.55 PM

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