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A Magical Dress

When we were children, we probably fantasized about our wedding day.  From the beautiful location, delicious meal, and your handsome prince waiting for you at the end of the aisle, everything seemed magical.  Maybe you even imagined your grand entrance as the double doors swing wide open and there you are, standing in your perfect and magical wedding dress.

One of the most crucial decisions for a bride to make is selecting her wedding gown.  There are endless dresses for a bride to decide from; however, there are specific styles that have become increasing popular in bridal stores based on the silhouette of the gown.  Every woman is shaped differently and they have various ideas in mind, but there is a flawless style to flatter every body type and a wonderful dress that will exceed all of your expectations.

For a bride who is searching for a classic look, the A-line fit will be a great option.  This dress will be narrow on top and then flair out towards the bottom.  This dress is amazing for brides who want to emphasize their waist, as there are A-line dresses with corsets to cinch the waist in.  Also, if you want to emphasize your shoulders and upper body, a strapless A-line dress will be a fabulous match.

For brides who have a straight-body and want to add nice curves, we highly recommend a beautiful mermaid fit.  This will add major emphasis to the hips as it flairs out by the knees.  This cut creates an elegant hourglass figure, which is great for adding the illusion of a fuller chest and more curves.

For brides with a pear shape, having large hips and a small chest, the princess fit is the best cut for your body type.  This will define and highlight your upper body with a corset, while distracting attention from your hips with a full tulle skirt.  The princess cut gives a very soft, romantic, and light effect.  Above all else, who wouldn’t want to be dressed like a princess on their big day?

For brides who want a more entrancing and exotic look, a Greek Goddess style is very relaxed with beautifully draped and flowing garments.  The waistline will sit beneath the bust and then drape the body until it hits the floor.  Although this is a simpler dress, it is very chic and gives the effect of a taller and slimmer body.

These are just a few wedding dress styles that you can select for your special day.  Our tip is to just start trying on dresses and then you can look in the mirror and it will be obvious what is flattering to your body.  Use this article as a guide or reference, but if you are already a curvy person and still want to rock a princess cut, go for it!  Your wedding dress is an important decision that you, and only you, can make!  You should be comfortable in whatever dress you pick and it should make you feel beautiful, happy, and confident!