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Angie Capri Captures Authentic Moments and Expressions


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Angie Capri always had a camera on hand. Whether it was a family party, vacation, or other fun event, she made sure to have her camera nearby. She never knew when she would find something interesting, fun, or unique, so she was always prepared to snap away.

She said, “I always thought, what happens if I got amnesia one day?? I would have the memories covered!”

The inner photographer inside of her knew she had a passion for this art. However, she also had a special interest in travel, spending time outdoors, doing some DIY project, dancing (especially Salsa), and finding precious treasures at thrift stores/flea markets. During college, she was focused on psychology and criminal justice, as she wanted a career to stem from one of those areas of study.

She recalls, “I took a black and white film class as an elective and it was the first time I could lose all track of time & let me creativity soar—I was hooked!”


From a young age, the ideology of pursuing a real job to make her financially secure was taught to her, so she never looked at photography as a feasible lifestyle. Years later she found a path that made logical sense to her. She realized that if she wasn’t passionate about it, she couldn’t commit her life to doing it. She credits her boyfriend to being one of her biggest supporters because of his faith and encouragement of her to follow her dreams.

Angie adds, “I specialize in women’s photography, boudoir, and weddings. Women’s photography and boudoir because most women rarely receive a photo of themselves they absolutely love, that authentically feels like them and does them justice. Photographing people, making them relax and feel comfortable comes intuitively to me, so I’m able to capture their inner radiance, with authentic expressions…not cheesy fake smiles!”

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Additionally, she enjoys doing wedding photography and loves that she is able to work with clients in order to tell their happy “love story.” She watches their progression as a couple towards newlyweds from their engagement photo shoot and is with them until the cake is served at the reception. She gets a rush of emotion and adrenaline when she captures the different details, locations, personalities, and emotions on the big day. By the wedding, Angie feels more like a close friend rather than a vendor providing her services, which adds to her quality and friendly services.

Angie comments on some of the more difficult aspects of photography and states, “One of the most challenging aspects of being a people photographer and photographing women, is that you must also be part therapist. People are so used to nitpicking their photos and what they don’t like about themselves that sometimes they only can see those things first. I gently remind them to be kind to themselves and focus on all of their beauty instead, then they always start seeing that too.”


On the other hand, there are plenty of wonderful perks that come with her job. When she arrives for the start of the show, she is filled with nervous excitement. Once she spends a couple minutes getting the hang of things, she is fully in the zone and ready to capture happy, romantic, and loving memories. She is thrilled when she finds a new technique in shooting cool and unique images for her clients. This is one of the reasons why she loves to travel and explore new places. The travel she does is another exciting aspect of being a photographer.

She concludes, “My goal is to use photography to change the way people, especially women, see themselves. I want women to love having their photos taken again and love looking at themselves. It’s been my experience that our society, the media, and sometimes our friends and family, focus most on making their outsides sexy and beautiful, then forget that true beauty and happiness starts from within us.”

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To check out more of her work or get in touch with Angie, see her social medias here:


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