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Introducing Faye Wang

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“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

– Farrah Gray

As a young girl who adored her art classes in school, Faye Wang loved to be creative and play with colors. As she grew, so did her budding love for makeup that eventually flourished into a career. Besides enjoying art and makeup, she was fascinated with fashion and dreamed of being a personal stylist.

Faye believes, “Makeup makes me feel confident because I feel naked without any makeup on. I present myself with an “awake face,” which I think shows respect to others.”

With an adventurous makeup style, Faye opts for a very natural look while keeping things interesting by mixing and matching colors and products. Graduating from UC Riverside with a business major and B.S. Degree, Faye sought a Pro Makeup Artist Certificate at the Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts.

“I feel creative and filled with joy when doing makeup because this is something I feel unique and professional doing.  I found my confidence while doing makeup because I can create makeup that my friends and clients fall in love with,” Faye said.

As an open-minded, optimistic, “happy queen (shopaholic),” Faye is a team player who is always ready to support her teammates and fellow artists. Her three coveted beauty products that she would never give up are a lip-gloss, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil. When working, her favorite type of makeup look to recreate is any high fashion style.

Faye further adds, “However, my biggest pet peeve is when face powder is not blended well down the neck. The flash photography makes the face look 3 shades lighter than the neck.”

Her biggest piece of advice is that there is no trick to become a pro in the industry. She recommends aspiring makeup artists to just be consistent and persistent when practicing and honing their craft.

Would you rather:

a) bold lip                  b) a neutral lip

a) curl your hair     b) straighten your hair

a) go a month without makeup  b) go a year without dessert

a) runway makeup  b) photo shoot

a) gel/liquid liner   b) pencil eyeliner

Faye shares her fashion and styles with her friends and followers through posting her favorite outfits on social medias. Find out what Faye’s up to through her sites here:

The Makeup Movement Bio / Portfolio:

Instagram: deshoppingqueenz


Pinterest: FayeDSQZ







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Introducing Nakia Hope

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“Maybe everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of.” – Markus Zusak

After developing an interest in all things beauty and fashion, Nakia loved to do hair and makeup for her friends on nights when they would get all dolled up.  Little did she know, that her high school hobby would turn into a lifetime career and passion.

Although she never went to a formal cosmetology school, she had a natural talent and eye for doing hair and makeup. She attended Makeup Institute, a makeup school, where she learned the basic and most important skills needed in her industry.  It was here that she honed her skills in makeup, specifically contouring, highlighting, wedding looks, high fashion applications, and HD makeup.

Nakia said, “Makeup makes me feel good because I love the transformation it gives me by enhancing my beauty more. I feel excited when doing make up because I love to see my client face when I’m done. They’re always very pleased to see their beauty enhanced too.”

To further her career and gain more experience, she joined The Makeup Movement in July 2013.  Her “team player” attitude is one of her biggest strengths on the team. Nakia has a flexible personality and is always ready to make others looks and feel their very best.   Even though she has tons of makeup, if she could only choose three items, she would choose her lashes, concealer, and a face powder—all part of an effortless, yet beautiful look.

She advises, “Don’t let fear discourage you from following your dream. No matter how scary it looks and feels always know you can overcome anything you put your mind too.”

Get to know Nakia’s style a little bit more…

Would you rather:

a) bold lip                 b) a neutral lip

a) curl your hair        b) straighten your hair

a) go a month without makeup  b) go a year without dessert

a) runway makeup   b) photo shoot

a) gel/liquid liner   b) pencil eyeliner

a) lipstick                 b) eye shadow


Check out Nakia’s work here:

Facebook Page: Nakia Hope

Instagram: nakia31kiss

Business Email:

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Introducing Brianne Sparks

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During the fall of last year, Brianne Sparks felt like she hit a rut.  After doing hair in a salon she wanted to breakaway and start doing makeup more regularly.  Beginning her freelance work outside of the office was the perfect move that brought her to join The Makeup Movement in August of 2013.

Always having an interest in the arts, she was very creative and loved to draw and paint.  Her favorite creations were self-portraits and she mastered the art of turning a flat surface into a three-dimensional masterpiece.  Practicing this prepared her for a career in makeup that she thinks was very useful.

Brianne said, “My ultimate inspiration for doing makeup came from the Jim Henson film Labyrinth. I loved all the characters and wanted to make them myself! As for hair it’s just another art form that I had a knack for so why not do both, after all you have more control of the over all look!”

Brianne completed her studies at the Makeup Designory and finished a Masters Makeup Artist Program which specializes in effects, animatronic, beauty, characters and runaway.  She also graduated from the California Beauty College for Cosmetology.

This makeup maven said, “My ultimate piece of advice is to take care of your skin! Moisturize daily and exfoliate every other week, at the least, and drink lots of water! Good skin starts within-oh, and cut out fast food that makes you break out!”

Her personal makeup style is fresh and clean—with something extra for added drama to her look.  For her work, she enjoys high fashion because she thinks that her options are endless to what she can create.  For her personal style, she uses her Motives custom blend liquid foundation with sunscreen, mascara, and brow color for an easy, go-to look.

“I feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do when I finish doing a makeup.  Makeup makes me feel creative because I can transform myself into anyone or any character I like,” she concludes.

To contact Brianne, check out her social medias here:


Instagram  briannemakeupandhair


Pinterest: briannesparks


Number: 9252168499

Introducing Lourenda Betlazar

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For as long as Lourenda can recall, she’s had an eye for fashion and a strong love of makeup.  Studying early childhood education in college, this self-taught makeup artist joined The Makeup Movement team over a year ago.

Lourenda said, “The passion and the unity of this team is unreal. It’s all about building and supporting each other’s success.”

Her biggest strength that she brings to the team is the aspiration of bettering herself as a makeup artist and overall person.  While believing that honesty and integrity is a crucial part of living, she is determined to stay focused and true to her art.

Through enhancing the beauty of others, Lourenda feels empowered and alive in expressing herself and showing her creative nature.  While some makeup artist’s have a specialty and a favorite look to recreate, she enjoys doing whatever makeup makes her client the happiest.

She advises, “Remember that you have something special within you. Let your passion drive you into your success.  Every failure and mistake is a new beginning to new opportunities…so don’t give up!”

Fun fact: Three items she can’t live without are mascara, Gucci Guilty Intense Perfume, and 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray (

Check out this fabulous and talented artist and show her some love on her social medias 🙂

Facebook Page: Makeup By Lourenda

Twitter: Makeup By Lourenda

Instagram: makeupbylourenda

Tumblr: makeupbylourenda

Business Email:


Check out her portfolio on our website:

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