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Every face has a story to tell…let us help you set the foundation for it. Follow along to get the latest stories, tips, secrets, and know-how of all things makeup.

About Us

The Makeup Movement - About Us

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At The Makeup Movement, we believe that every face has a story to tell, and we can help set the stage for it. Our mission is to create a custom cosmetics movement and define a new generation of makeup and women’s self-confidence.

We truly believe in working as a team as opposed to living in the dog-eat-dog world that most beauty professionals are forced to compete in. We believe that together, we can accomplish more and take each other to higher levels. Our professional team exude passion and love for what we do and it’s infectious!

Services offered:

  • Wedding makeup & hair
  • Makeup & hair for any occasion
  • Private makeup lessons
  • Group makeup classes and workshops
  • Customized makeup certifications
  • Customized apprenticeships
  • Custom makeup / cosmetics consultations
  • Mineral, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic makeup products
  • Makeup / Cosmetics business coaching
  • Online makeup / hair classes (coming soon!)

Contact us!


Phone: 800-233-5875



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