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MUA Professional Airbrush Kit Reviews

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There are a lot of airbrush kits out there, so much so that it’s difficult to figure out what you should and shouldn’t use.  The various tech specs aren’t detailed enough to tell you as a MUA or consumer what is worth your while to purchase.  We want to narrow down your search for you, and help you identify what type of airbrush you need.

As a professional makeup artist myself, I own 4 airbrush kits.  That may sound like overkill, but for me, each airbrush serves it’s individual purpose for each level of makeup artistry, so I still have them all.  For the purposes of this post, I will review the 4 that I own.  I will have future posts to review other airbrush systems as we progress.

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, so the links I provide to you go directly to the airbrush kit websites.

1) DinAir Personal Basic

dinair personal basic airbrush kit

This is probably the most popular airbrush brand amongst amateur makeup enthusiasts, because they are really the most visible with their infomercials and ads.  To be honest, I really didn’t have a huge interest in getting a DinAir, because they didn’t look that professional to me.  However, for the price point ($99 at the time), it was a justifiable buy when I first started practicing airbrushing.

Strengths: I love the fact that it’s easy to use, and it’s highly compact, so it can be a good travel companion.  The price point, as I eluded to, is the best.

Weaknesses: the airbrush makeup formula is not desirable; gun is single-action (no precision control); lack of gun variety; weak compressor power; very difficult to tell how much pressure you are using out of the gun.

Perfect for: personal use, entry level MUA, airbrush training.

2) Grex Genesis.XSi with Aeris I Compressor –

grex aeris compressor

I had to move up from the DinAir, so I came across some strong reviews for the Grex series, so I decided to try it for myself.  Grex gets much more technical and option-heavy, but their products are built for high-volume professional use.  My main complaint was really the noise the compressor created (yes, I know it’s a compressor, but it was just too loud to be used in a one-on-one studio setting), and the fact that my gun broke so easily (parts were easy to replace though).

Strengths: heavy duty; hose is wrapped in high quality weaved protective material (as opposed to just rubber or plastic); gun has large cup to allow for rapid movement between product and client.

Weaknesses: compressor is loud; no PSI control on the compressor (you have to use an adapter in order to do this); not compact enough for travel; gun is fairly easy to break.

Perfect for: high volume usage, body makeup, production makeup application, fashion MUAs.

3) Iwata Medea Silver Jet –

Iwata Silver Jet airbrush system

Because of the loudness of the Grex compressor, and how easily the gun broke, I ended up with the Iwata Silver Jet a few months later.  I still use this unit as my stationary unit for all my in-studio makeup jobs.  The noise is there, but it’s not loud enough to cause a problem with clients.

Strengths: dial pressure gauge; gun has a bigger cup to allow for more rapid movement between the product and client; gun cradle built-in to the compressor; no-slip feet at base of compressor; gun is high quality.

Weaknesses: compressor is still a bit loud; not compact enough for travel.

Perfect for: light to low volume usage, studio makeup application, wedding MUAs.

4) Temptu air Compressor with AirPod –

temptu air compressor and airpod gun

Now that I had my go-to stationary unit, I had to look for a mobile professional-grade airbrush kit for my on-site wedding jobs and bridal work.  I ended up with the Temptu kit, mainly because of the recharge ability, fast assembly, and the addition of the AirPod gun that made post-bridal cleanup super effective!

Strengths: very easy to assemble; lightweight and compact design is perfect for mobile makeup; SP-35 gun was fine, but the AirPod gun accessory is the real winner here; airbrush formulas are sound; recharge ability.

Weaknesses: compressor is lacking because of its compact design; hose is flimsy and cheap rubber; zipping mechanism for the carrying case is a bit janky; AirPods have a strong perfume smell.

Perfect for: mobile MUAs, personal use; docking station for the gun is very flimsy.

Have a review of your own on one of these airbrushes?  Share it below!

If you have an airbrush that you would like us to review, let us know! Contact us!


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