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An Inside Look at Motives Cosmetics


US_ENG_20140403_cs24123_motivesGetLook_960x450 love-our-story-loren-ridinger

If you follow us here on the blog or have seen our Facebook and Instagram posts, we’re sure you have seen us showing Motives Cosmetics. As a team, The Makeup Movement promotes the Motives Cosmetics and we regularly use it on all of our jobs.

You might be wondering why we use Motives Cosmetics and a little bit about the company. The Motives Cosmetics line was built under the 22-year old company, Market America, where sales exceed over one billion dollars. Deciding to branch out, Loren Ridinger, Creative Director and Founder, alongside her husband, JR, launched the Motives Cosmetics line.

The award-winning makeup has made waves in the industry because of the cutting edge products available that are affordable and very versatile. In fact, it’s a staple that should be in everyone’s makeup collection with a wide range of tones and hues from everything like face products, eyes, lips, and even combination palettes.

“She realized that the power of lipsticks and powders was not so much about helping women look great on the outside, but more importantly, helping them feel fabulous on the inside — motivating women to help realize their potential.”

The goals for Loren were to create a brand where the principles were strongly revolved around creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Today, Loren’s world’s leading makeup empire is still steadily growing and has become a favorite makeup brand for celebrities, makeup artists and models.  Additionally, Loren has created and launched other highly successful lines like Loren Jewels, Cellular Laboratories, and Fixx.

The goal is to make women feel more comfortable and confident in their skin and now every girl has their perfect match with their revolutionary product of customized foundation. Motives Cosmetics has been featured in magazines such as US Weekly, Los Angeles Times, People, Vogue, and Lucky.


Want to know more? Check out the videos!

Want to check out some products, check here.


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Dairy and Acne–Related?

dairy and acne

Are the myths true?  Is there a correlation between dairy being a cause of acne?  Continue reading to find out!

Some of you may have heard the rumour that dairy can cause acne and although there is no definitive link that says dairy consumption causes acne, there is a correlation between a component of dairy which can create oily glands, thus creating a basis for acne to grow.

According to, milk has elements that are linked to testosterone.  This hormone fuels the production of oil produced from oil glands which is a root cause of acne.  There is little scientific evidence that is strong enough to back up this claim; however, many dermatologists and doctors have had clients cut dairy out of their diet and as a result see clearer skin.

This is not the case for everyone though as milk has essential nutrients and vitamins that the body craves.  This includes vitamin D and calcium both of which are imperative for a health body.  If you are currently suffering with acne and are thinking about cutting your dairy intake back, here are a few tips to do so in a safe and healthy way.  Find more dairy benefits here.

First and foremost, don’t cut out dairy cold turkey!  Also, do not completely take out dairy!  As previously mentioned, milk is chalk full of health benefits that your body still needs.  If you want to cut back on dairy, do it over time.  To clear your acne, you do not have to completely remove it from your diet.  Some scientists have found that acne can be cleared significantly while still having a small dosage of milk daily.

Second, you can also try cow milk alternatives.  You skin might flare up with acne to cow milk, but might tolerate other types of animal milk like goat or sheep milk.  You can also try almond or soy milk that have other added nutrients.

If you are really determined to clear your acne and want to try a totally dairy-free diet, consult a physician or a dermatologist.  You might have to find sources of calcium elsewhere.  You can take a calcium supplement or add more calcium-rich foods like sardines, broccoli, and soybeans.  Click here for additional non-dairy products here.

Want to see more personal stories and other perspectives on dairy and acne related cases?

Check out Jane’s story here.

Check out Ruth’s story here.

If you struggle from acne, do you see a correlation between acne and your dairy intake?  Let us know your thoughts below!  Do you think dairy causes acne from the information presented above?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits


You may have heard or seen the growing hype about apple cider vinegar and the health benefit claims, but what really does apple cider do for our well-being and why is it so good for us?

Apple cider vinegar is the fermented liquid that comes from crushed apples.   It contains vitamins B1, B2, and B6, folic acid, vitamin C. Apple cider vinegar traces can be found in some medicines. It aids in cramps, stomachaches, weight loss, sore throats, high blood pressure, and helps fights infection. Additionally, apple cider vinegar can be applied to the skin to fight acne, soothe sunburns, and calm insect bites. Further benefits can be found here.

ACV has some great uses when it comes to beauty treatments. Make a detoxifying face mask by mixing honey, ACV, and bentonite clay for a deep-cleaning pore mask. Another way to incorporate this into your routine is by gargling with it each morning. This is helpful for two reasons because it helps fight bad breath and also removes stains leaving your teeth more white.

Also, it can be applied to the hair after shampooing. This has vitamins which bump up the natural shine and gives the hair a healthy sheen. Furthermore, now that it is summer, you are sure to be out in the sun whether running errands, hanging out with friends, or taking a trip to the beach. The harsh summer rays can damage your skin and leave you with unsightly sunburns. To soothe any sun damage, add 1 cup of ACV to your bath and soak in the water for at least 10-15 minutes.

If you combine ACV with two parts water, soak it with a cotton ball, and then apply it to the face, this will work and can completely replace your toner. This is more cost-firendly and a better organic substance to apply on your face. If you have long-time acne scarring on your face, dabbing the ACV concoction on your face before bed can diminish their appearance and help it to fade over time. Want more beauty tips? Just check here.

Some health benefits include weight loss. It helps you lose weight because it increases and speeds up your metabolism. Taking 2 tsps of ACV and mixing it with 8 ounces of water is a concoction you can take three times a day typically before each meal. The calcium, magnesium, and potassium found in ACV also helps to maintain bone health keeping them strong rather than brittle. Learn more about ACV here.

ACV is not just used for beauty and hair treatments, it can be used as a more healthy way to clean your home. It can replace harsh chemical cleaning products as apple cider vinegar is all natural. If you leave the ACV in your toilet over night, it will leave it smelling like apples by the morning. Use ACV to disinfect your telephone, countertops, and doorknobs as well as any other surface that can accumulate germs and bacteria. Most importantly, this is safe to use around children and pets because of its organic state. Read more about how apple cider vinegar can get your home clean here.

Do you want to learn how to make an even healthier apple cider than the ones your purchase from the grocery store? Well, you can make your own! There are various ways and recipes to create apple cider vinegar. What’s great about making it at home is that you can use scraps of apples and the core that you usually just throw away. Or if you have an apple tree, you can use the entire apple too. Check some of the methods out here.

As you can see, apple cider vinegar has a plethora of benefits that you can take advantage of!

How will you use ACV?  Comment below 🙂

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Summer Fashion 2014

Summer is almost upon, but the summer fashion is already in full swing!  As you go out to dinner with friends, run errands, and have some fun in the summer sun, you’ve probably noticed some new trends and even some looks that are making a comeback.  Here is your summer 2014 guide to fashion.  To sum up fashion this summer, we would call it bold, fun, and daring!  But not to worry, you can make any of these outfits more reserved, modest, and simple chic.  Take a look!


The first trend we are noticing a lot of is the maxi skirt.  This is such a versatile piece, it’s no wonder everyone is wearing it.  What’s great about a maxi skirt is that you can dress it up or dress it down.  It can go from a daytime errand running look to a nighttime glamour look.  There are two kinds of maxi skirts, one is the plain and solid color which you can pair with fun and printed tops.  The other is the printed skirt that you can pair with many solid colored tops.  As you can see, the possibilities for a maxi skirt are endless.  Another advantage is that you can pack one or two maxi skirts with a bunch of tops and have yourself a ton of outfits which is great for travel.


The crop top is another stunner this summer!  They are the perfect solution to the summer heat and look super cute and trendy.  Crop tops are everywhere in stores so they are made of different materials, they have different cuts and styles, and they can be paired with pretty much everything.  This includes some other fun summer staples like the maxi skirt, jeans, shorts, and skirts.  Open your closet, dive in, and we are sure you can find at least one thing to pair it with.  Crop tops are also versatile because they can be worn on the beach or wharf, used as a bikini cover up, or thrown on to hang out with friends.


Shorts are a summer necessity, but stores and designers are far past providing the typical jean shorts.  This summer mix it up a bit!  There are two major trends that are arising in the shorts department.  The first trend that has arisen is the high-waisted shorts.  This will show off you long, lean, and tanned legs!  Pair this with a crop top and you are good to go!


Second, the printed shorts option is very popular right now.  This can be worn with sneakers or flip flops and then a matching solid colored top.  If you are daring enough you can wear a printed top and even mix your prints….also super fashionable!  If not, you can stay more safe and stick with a solid.  Both options for shorts are a perfect look for the summer.


Make a statement this summer whether it’s at the mall or by the pool deck with an ultra adorable, stylish, and affordable statement necklace.  These can dress up an outfit in an instant.  There are various styles such as a girly and simple necklace, the neon necklaces, the beaded and tribal style, and the grunge glamour look.  There is definitely a statement piece that will suit everyone’s style.


The last summer trend we want to share with you is the printed pants look.  This is a bit more bold, but we absolutely love it.  These pants are for the fashion-forward, daring and bold women out there.  The prints are endless and we recommend pairing it with a solid top.  If you want, you can even add a solid colored statement necklace for an extra wow factor–you are sure to draw attention for your fashionable flair.  This is the perfect outfit for a chilly or cooler summer night.

Which of these summer trends are you loving?  If you try any of them, post it on instagram and tag us, we would love to see you rocking these looks!

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The Beauty From Within

PicMonkey Collage

Have you ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat?”  Well, this couldn’t be anymore true!  We don’t mean that if you eat a lot of chicken, you will transform into one, what we mean is that what we consume plays a large role in how we look and feel.

In order to have radiant skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, and strong nails, it is critical to eat a diet that is rich is nutritious value.   Here are some tasty ways to get beautiful from the inside out!

Carrots:  These orange beautifies are not just good from eyesight, but they are packed with carotenoids that when exposed to UV rays, it minimizes the amount of sensitivity to your skin.  Additionally they carry beta-carotene and vitamin A which aids in the repair of skin tissues–perfect for if you are a beach babe or outdoor kind of girl.

Salmon: We might not all like fish, but this is something you should try to develop a liking to.  Salmon is filled with omega-3s, this is an important vitamin that our body needs, but cannot produce itself.  The body must rely on food sources to obtain and absorb this necessary vitamin.  Also omega-3 helps to boost your mood and makes your feel absolutely irresistible.

Strawberries: Who knew that such a delicious and popular fruit could be so healthy and good for us?  Strawberries are especially great for our skin.  They helps prevent aging, reduces acnes and blemishes, protects the sun from harmful and damaging UV rays, minimizes the amount of oil on your face, and even works to lighten the skin.  This super fruit is tasty and you can enjoy it knowing that with each bite you are getting closer to more beautiful skin!

Lemon:  This is probably one of the most overlooked and greatest beauty foods around.  Yeah we have it squirted in our water and over some of our food, but do we really understand how great lemons really are?  Lemons help to clarify skin, treat blackheads, make our pearly white teeth shine even brighter, naturally lighten the hair, and brighten the skin.   Say hello to stronger, healthier, and shinier nails also!

Spinach: This leafy green is becoming more popular for its many health and beauty benefits.  Not only does it help with eye and bone health, but it has anti-aging benefits and cures acne.   Your skin will be glowing with the vitamin A and vitamin C which helps repair skin and improve complexion.  Not to mention it combats hair loss and promotes hair growth.  No wonder Popeye liked it so much!

Beets:  Whether you pair it with a nice salad or juice it, beets are ridiculously high in nutrituous value.  It helps promote strong and shiny hair growth, purifies the blood and rids it of toxins, and protects the skin from early aging.  Not to mention it helps with pesky zits that pop up!

Next time you head to your grocery store or local farmers market, check out some of these items.  We encourage you to find and try out new recipes that incorporate some of the ingredients so that you can be well on your way to beauty radiating inside out.