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Keep or Toss: The Shelf Life of Your Makeup Collection

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.09.16 AM

Did you know that as gorgeous, beautiful, and expensive products can be, you must throw them out after a while.  Yes, we know that it can be hard to purge your collection of some of your favorite products, but it is a measure you should take in order to keep you skin as healthy as possible.  The longer you keep a product, the more germ infested and unsanitary it becomes.  Throwing out your products and purchasing new ones can also reduce the amount of bacteria growing inside the product, on your skin, and can actually help reduce acne.  However, not all products are the same and each item has a different shelf life.  Check out this guide to help you know when to toss a product out.

Foundation is pretty easy to remember to throw away because if you use it on a daily basis, you should run out by the time in hits peak germ infestation around 10 to 12 months. The same goes for concealer, if you use it pretty regularly in your makeup routine, by 8 to 12 months it should almost be gone.  If not, throw it out!  you could be using your concealer to hide acne and blemishes with bacteria built up inside the product.

Powder is another important item to watch because you use the powder all over your face to set your makeup.  You should throw powder away anywhere from 18 to 24 months.  Mascara is probably the item that builds the most bacteria so toss it out and grab a new bottle every 3 months or so.  Items such as eyeliner and lip pencils should be sharpened often, but they can stay in your makeup bag for up to a year.  Lip products can also be kept for 18 months at the most.  Be careful since it does touch your lips, don’t share your products with anyone to decrease the amount of germ contamination.

Take a look at your makeup collection now and see if there are any items you should be throwing away.  Although you might be throwing away some expensive products, it is worth it because you don’t want the bacteria on your face.  If you use this guide and purge your makeup collection of old products, let us know what you threw out in the comments below


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Wedding Flowers

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank

For special occasions, flowers are a standard and traditional gift to give and receive.  Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, get well soon wish, or a simple kind surprise from a friend, flowers have a way of making the recipient feel special and loved.

Weddings are no different.  In fact, flowers are found abundantly at weddings in several forms.  They are so critical and important that a bride walks with them down the aisle and spends precious time deciding on what types of flowers to select.  Picking a flower for their look and price is the typical way to decide on what to get.  However, flowers are important for their symbolic meaning.

As a flower that is incorporated everywhere on your wedding day, make sure to pick a flower that represents something special to you.  It should also represent a value that the couples holds significant.  Weddings are generally a symbolic ceremony to show the love of two people, several aspects of a wedding are symbolic, and so are the flowers!

Flowers are known for being beautiful, dainty, and feminine—they are even a great decorative element.  Read on to see what flower best represents your values and relationship.

Roses come in various colors and are easy to come by.  Red represents love, pink represent happiness and perfection, coral represents desire, white represent innocence, and yellow represents friendship.  Any of these flowers and their meanings are suitable for a beautiful wedding.


Orchids are another popular wedding flower because they are stunning with a very chic and refined look.  In order to symbolize your admiration for each other, carnations are the best choice for you.  Lavender, on the other hand, is a representation for luck and success.  Couples who choose lavender as their wedding flower, hope for a successful and fortunate wedding.




If you prefer something simple, daisies are a great option.  They are known to symbolize loyalty and love.  Baby’s breath is another great pick because they symbolize pure-heartedness.  If you want a flower with versatility like a rose, lilacs also come in various colors.  A purple lilac is symbolic of first love whereas a white lilac is symbolic of innocence and youth.

Daisy babys-breath-bouquet1 LILAC_common2

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes and all flowers are beautiful to look at.  However, you must decide what you want your flowers to convey as a part of your ceremony.  You should not only pick a flower based on looks, but the qualities it encompasses so that you wedding is symbolic on an even deeper level.

What do you want you wedding flower to represent?

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Introducing Jessica Frame, Aesthetician

Working as an aesthetician assistant and receptionist at a day spa when she was only 16, Jessica knew that this was the world she wanted to be a part of.  As a high school graduate, she went on to aesthetician school so that she could live out her dreams.  11 years later, Jessica is a working aesthetician and massage therapist.  Jessica Frame is one of the cofounders of The Santuary, which is located at 609 Gregory Lane in Pleasant Hill.  You might remember Jessica Frame from one of our previous articles where she talked about bridal facials, tips, and advice.  If you want to check that out, you can visit this link here.

Jessica said, “My family and friends have been a great support to me throughout the years. Especially my mother. She paid for me to go to aesthetician school and allowed me to live at home until I build my practice. I have such amazing friends as well who support me and spread the word about my business, and I am truly thankful for them.”

Her path to becoming an aesthetician was paved by incredible women whom she saw filled authentic happiness after one of their treatments.  She wanted to pursue this as a career so that she could bring joy to her clients and make them excited to see results.  Once she decided this was the industry for her, she began taking classes and was interested in ways to heal the skin.  This is what she wanted to focus on–the rejuvenation and healing of damaged skin.

“I have had extensive training in all types of skin care treatments such as chemical peels for antiaging, teen acne, adult acne, dry, thick, weathered skin… I also treat the skin with microcurrent. Microcurrent is a treatment that gives one the look of having a facelift without surgery. It helps lift the muscles in the face, strength and elasticity in the skin, and give the skin and overall smoother complexion and more of an “awake” look. The results I have been getting from my anti-aging clients have been phenomenal! I also provide full body and face hair removal by Waxing, and I can also resurface the skin by removing small skin growths such as skin tags, moles, keratoses, or cherry angiomas,” stated Jessica.


After attending Deluxe Cosmetology School in Concord, she believes that most of her knowledge in the industry came from her influential and motivating mentors Maddie and her SkinCare distributors from Aesthetics Plus and Lira in Dublin.  They taught her how to take her time and be conservative.  The best results come from time and quality service rather than rushing into a treatment that could potentially further damage the skin.  She found out that it is best to play it safe when she is dealing with a new client.

Jessica adds, “My favorite part about being an aesthetician is when I get phone calls, text messages, or Facebook comments about how much my clients love their skin since they have been working with me and using my skincare line, Lira.”

On the other hand, one of the most challenging aspects of this line of work is not always being able or equipped to help certain people with more serious facial problems such as sun damage.  Jessica finds it difficult when women who have over 30 years of sun damage come to her to try and remove their sunspots.  Letting a client know that their skin might be too damaged to fix is a very sensitive issue that Jessica doesn’t like to broach.  However, she still gives it her best effort to make sure her clients are confident with their skin.

Jessica concludes, “As an aesthetician, I have many goals! One of them is to ensure all of my clients are 100% satisfied with the treatments I am giving them. As well as the product line that I referred to them. The key to my success definitely has to do with building relationships and making everybody feel comfortable and confident on my table. My goal for my clients would be to have enjoyment in taking care of their skin the way I recommend. 80% of your SkinCare takes place at home, and I would like to think of us as a team working together to she’ll their skin”

When Jessica isn’t at work, she enjoys traveling, scuba diving, singing in her soul band, salsa dancing, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family.  One random fact about her is that when she sings and dances, she finds herself imagining that she is on stage singing jazz in a long sparkly sequin dress in front of hundreds of people!

Want to learn more and get in touch with Jessica?  Here is where you can contact her and set up a facial today!



The Sanctuary

609 Gregory ln #220 Pleasant Hill, CA 92423

925-864-9535 /

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Get it Customized!

Foundation Mature Skin

You are an individual.  You are special.  Most importantly, you are unique.  Not only is everybody different personality wise, but everyone is unique in their looks and skin.  You deserve the absolute best of the best and we, The Makeup Movement, work to provide that for you.

With every women having differently pigmented and colored skin, it’s rather peculiar how most makeup brands treat women all the same with only a certain number of shades to select from.  We have created a specialized custom blended foundation to perfectly match your skin color and your skin needs.

This custom blended foundation is a product that we will make for you on the  spot.  We will create it so that it matches not only your skin tone, but also your skin type whether it is dry, oily, or combination skin.  We even take into account your personal preferences such as how much coverage you want, the finish/texture, SPF, shimmer, and skin firming agents among other additives you can choose from.  This includes ultra firming, oil control, hydrator, luminosity, primer and more.  Contact us today and create your one of a kind product!

Perfect Match Foundation

Unlike other high end and drugstore makeup foundations, we are proud to present you with safe makeup free from talc, parabens, fragrance, and bismuth oxychloride.  This is a purely mineral based formula that is oil free and 11% pigmented.  It is a great choice for sensitive skin.

Typically, this makeup is in the liquid formula; however, we also can create a mineral powder formula for you.  Just like the liquid, the powder will contain the same customizable benefits and additives.  For both of these formulas, we will work until we get the right shade for you.

In addition to creating foundations, we can also make it sheer to full-coverage with SPF ranging from 17 to 23, skin brightening powders, shimmer powders, bronzer, eye shadows and more!  Just let us know what your needs are and we will create your unique product.

Custom foundation matches your skin tone, and can have skin care and sunscreen infused into the formula. Why settle for something that’s made for the masses; your skin deserves its own unique blend.

Custom Blend Foundation Perfect Match

To learn more or to get your own product created especially for you, contact us and we can set up an appointment to create your own custom blended foundation!

Ever wonder what customized foundation is? This video shows you how custom blend foundation is made. Whether you want a tinted moisturizer, full coverage foundation, translucent powder, or custom blush/bronzer, it can be made for you, exactly how you want it.

Want to see more about this awesome way to get the perfect match for your foundation?  Check out our YouTube video here:


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Lia and Stanley’s Elegant Romance Love Story


Valentine’s Day is recognized as a holiday filled with the most romance when love is swirling in the air.  For Lia, Valentine’s Day of 2013 is a day she will never forget.  This was the day when her and her boyfriend, Stanley, took a trip to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  This was Lia’s first time visiting there and it will always hold a special place in her heart, as this is where Stanley got down on bended knee and proposed to her.

The months to follow were filled with bliss and happiness as they planned their wedding together.  The wedding date was set for August 25 at the Indonesian Christian Church in San Jose followed by a reception at Maggiano’s Little Italy.

“The easiest part of planning my wedding was picking out the invitations.  On the other hand, the most difficult part was finalizing the guest list, but if I had to change anything about my wedding, I wouldn’t change a thing.  All in all, it was worth the six months of planning when I saw Stanley for the first time in my wedding dress,” bride Lia said.

When picking out her wedding dress, Lisa tried on a lot of dresses to see which style and cut fit her body the best.  Once she found a style that she liked, she tried on more dress with a similar shape.  She picked her magical dress and walked down the aisle in a gorgeous and beautifully crafted A-line gown with a lace train.

makeuplia 0061_LS0825

Lia stated, “I chose to work with The Makeup Movement on this day because I knew Annie from the time when she was the makeup artist for my friend’s wedding the previous year. I was one of the bridesmaids and I could see that Annie was really good at what she did.”

After a very successful trial run with Annie, Lia noted the professional and quality service she received.  Before her trial with The Makeup Movement, Lisa had checked out another company but eventually decided to selected Annie and her team.  She acknowledges that her final decision was made due to the flexibility in timing and willingness to work with her schedule.

Lia adds, “I am happy with Annie’s skilled work. She and her team arrived very early in the morning to accommodate the tight schedule. She let me sleep another hour while the team started to work on the mothers and bridesmaids. She was with me from the start to the end of reception to fix my makeup and hair, which I really appreciated it.  Overall, I can say that it was a very good experience.”

makeup Cropped

Annie and her team worked quickly and efficiently to produce gorgeous makeup for the bride and bridesmaids to confidently walk down the aisle.  Annie created a beautifully detailed and clean smoky eye with purple shadow.  Lisa adored this look that made her eyes absolutely pop.  She also added that her husband loved her eye makeup.  The purple eye shadow is a very unique look for brides, especially since most of them stick with neutral shades.  Lisa took her look up a notch to really make a statement as she said, “I do.”

Lia concludes with these tidbits of advice for future brides, “You should take time to browse lots of pictures for inspiration, especially on Pinterest. Time is essential so you must prioritize the things that are super important to you. Don’t spend too much time on deciding every single thing.  I didn’t have a wedding planner but I had family and friends who helped me.”

Congratulations and best wishes to Stanley and Lia!

0915_LS0825 couple