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Annie’s Testimonial on Custom Blended Foundation


Before Right Profile


Before Center Profile


Before Left Profile


One of the featured and most requested services of The Makeup Movement is to create custom blended foundations for their clients.  Motives Makeup gives their clients the possibility to customize their foundation because they recognize that everyone is different.  Founder of The Makeup Movement, Annie Lam, has used this makeup first hand in both creating and wearing the Motives Custom Blended Foundation and has taken the time to write a testimonial with her expertise and experience using this product.

“In the past ten year, I have experienced mild to severe acne issues and since then it has been a constant struggle in my daily life.  I noticed that my acne has actually gotten much better in the recent months; however, now I am left with deep acne scarring.  The only foundation that has ever worked for me was the custom foundation.  It not only matches my skin, but it helps neutralize the redness from acne and scars too.  I made my personal formula with extra coverage to hide the acne scar imperfections.

The photos you see are just using custom foundation and translucent powder.  I am not using any concealer (or photoshop) in these pictures because I wanted to show you the true working of this product.  I also added oil control botanical to the mix in order to make my skin produce less oil.  Additionally, I added a  mattifier that absorbs surface oils as well.  It’s the only thing that I use that does not make my acne worse because it doesn’t clog pores and is water based, which means it is easy to take off and feels light on the skin.  This is my everyday go to foundation and I couldn’t imagine my skin looking any better without the help of this great foundation.”

For more information on the custom blend foundation, you can check out this link.  There are also great before and after pictures of our other clients who also adore this makeup and can see the transformative effects.


After Right Profile


After Left Profile


After Center Profile





Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Favorites

Some might think that in order to have amazing makeup, you need ridiculously priced, high-end makeup.  Although this can be true to an extent, drugstores like CVS or Target can carry some less expensive brands with just as good products.  Some even claim that drugstore makeup is better than high-end cosmetic lines for some products.  Here is a list of our Top 10 drugstore makeup favorites.


One: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

This is a great full coverage foundation with tons of shades to choose from.  It is very affordable and stays all day.  The claim for this product is that it is a 24-hour stay.  Although you shouldn’t keep your makeup on all night, this is great for long days when you’re out from dawn to dusk.


Two: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

Even though this is already a bargain, this highlighter is worth the price.  It is perfect for underneath the eyes to diminish dark circles and hide puffiness.  If you want a little extra natural glow, apply some to the top of your cheekbones for a beautiful and radiant look.

PF_bronze booster open

Three: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow

Summer is coming up and tan is the dream look of every beach babe.  Skip the tanning booths and brush on some of this bronzer.  Don’t worry; it won’t leave streaks like self-tanner and it won’t turn you orange.  Plus a lovely bronze glow will boost your confidence with a natural and healthy look.


Four: L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Blush

This is a foolproof product for a little color this season.  This is a great option because it is buildable color.  Brush a little on for a light flush or pack it on for a night out.  There are tons of shades for you to chose from so take your pick…or pick a few colors for such a reasonable price.


Five. Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow

With the warmer weather approaching, your makeup will need more primer and setting powder to stay in place.  This eyeshadow is a great base that adds a nice touch of color and is a great foundation for your other shadows.  The creams are very pigmented and have a smooth finish.  You can also use this as a single eye shadow when you are quickly getting ready for a simple yet gorgeous wash of color on the lids.

Maybelline The Falsies

Six: Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Add some major definition to those lashes and make a statement with this awesome mascara.  This majorly hyped mascara is well deserving of the raves it is getting.  This gives the illusion of false lashes and will add length and volume to your lashes.  What else could you ask for?


Seven: Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eyeliner

This is the perfect product to really define your eyes whether it is a natural and thin line or a thick and dramatic cat eye.  If you want to define your lower lash line or fill in the waterline, try out the waterproof version and it will last all night.  It goes on very smooth and has a consistency that it easy to smudge if you want a smoky look.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter shades

Eight: Revlon Lip Butters

These soft and velvety products are just like a lip balm with great pigmentation.  These will not leave your lips feeling dry, tight, or flakey.  The range of colors in this line provides a color for every occasion.  They have very natural, subtle shades and then dark, bolder colors…the choice is up to you!


Nine: NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss

The name says it all!  These are super glossy and will leave your lips looking absolutely shiny and super soft.  The formula for this product is perfect because it is creamy and moisturizing and isn’t too sticky.


Ten: Maybelline Color Sensations Vivids Lipcolors

Dare to be bold this spring and summer!  All eyes will be on you and your fierce lips if you wear one of these stunning products.  If bright and daring isn’t your typical pick for lip color, these may be a bit strange to wear but give it time and you will soon love it.  It’s amazing how a bold lip color can give you more confidence and bounce in your step.

A reason that drugstore makeup is great, too, is that since it is so inexpensive you can afford to buy more shades and colors.  This is a great way to expand your collection at a low cost.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite drugstore products are?  These are super cheap, accessible, and great quality products.  Next time you are at Target or another drugstore, hit up the beauty section and throw a few of these in your basket.

Tell us what you pick up with #tmmbeauty and tag us @TheMakeupMovement in your picture.  We’ll check out, like, and comment on your purchase!


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Wedding Nail Polish Collection Review

The moment you get engaged, you will have a beautiful, stunning, and precious ring on your finger at all times.  As you break the news to friends and family, they will be thrilled to hear of your engagement and after they take the time to hug, kiss, and congratulate you, they will instantly ask to see your gorgeous ring.  As a newly engaged and excited bride-to-be, you are so elated that you want to show the entire world your engagement ring.

Imagine that as you reach your hand out to show them the little beauty on your finger, you see gross, chipped nail polish.  All of a sudden you aren’t as excited to show off your engagement ring because you are too self-conscience about your overgrown and broken nails.  Oh no!  Whether you’ve neglected your usual nail care routine, missed an appointment to get your nails done, or you never really paid too much attention to that aspect of your body, now is the time to get focused on presenting yourself with clean, beautiful, and healthy nails.

Although this may seem like a minor imperfection, having clean and well-manicured nails is important…especially when flashing that ring of yours.  Here are some of our favorite nail polishes collections to give you some ideas on how to paint your nails during your engagement and right before your walk down the aisle.

On your wedding day, it is best to have delicate, smooth, and clean looking hands.  The can be achieved through getting a nice manicure done prior to the day itself.  Perhaps 2-3 days before so that you aren’t rushing on the exact wedding day, but not too far in advance that it chips.  To make your nails look clean, try a soft, light, or neutral shade.  You don’t want the color to be too bold or bright that it overwhelms your soft white dress.


Essie Wedding Collection 2012


This is a beautiful collection with some pastel colors that look gorgeous especially for fall weddings.  The peach shade, Like To Be Bad, is a creamsicle color that would look stunning against tanner skin.  The cream shade, Instant Hot, is a lovely off-white color that will help to elongate your hands and make that ring of yours shine even brighter.  The soft mint shade, Who Is The Boss, takes a very hot trend and subdues the color to make it wedding appropriate.  The purple shade, Love and Acceptance, is a gorgeous lavendar color that is feminine but isn’t your typical pink color.

Essie Wedding Collection 2013


The colors in this collection are a bit more vivid and brighter than last year’s shades; however, they are still softer colors that will not draw the attention away from your bouquet or wedding dress.  These colors are beautiful shades that aren’t the traditional off-white or white shades and are perfect for a spring wedding.  The pink in the upperleft, No Baggage Please, is a pale rose pink color.  The polish below that in the bottom left, My Better Half, is a bright peony color.  The lower right hand shade, Meet Me At The Altar, is the lightest shade of the collection and is a pale, subtle, and romantic color.  The purple shade, Using My Maiden Name, is a lavender shade with a gorgeous blue tint to it.

OPI Wedding Collection


The entire OPI Wedding Collection line was created with a soft, feminine touch in mind.  None of these colors will take away from your look, but it will instead complete it.  All of these shades have a pink tone to it.  I’ll Take The Cake has a light dusty rose tone to it and if you want a darker dusty rose color, Rose Petals is the polish for you.  Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. is a light and romantic pink color whereas Catch the Garter is a more vivid pastel pink.  Hopelessly In Love is a peachy pink shade that has hints of orange in it.  For all our brides who prefer a shade other than pink, I do! I do! is a white shade that is a great alternative.


For even more shades of beautiful, gorgeous, and top-quality polishes, check out  These polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate.  We recommend the following shades:




First Dance



I Do

I Do



As a bride, you want to present yourself in a very put together manner full of poise, elegance, and class.  The way you act is a major part of how you present yourself, but the way you look also plays a part.  Having your nails painted will give you that extra boost of confidence and will complete your entire look.  What do you think?  Which shade are you most tempted to try?

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Rolling Makeup Case Review

Previously on the blog we have discussed the Zuca case brand and some other viable options for over-the-shoulder cases.  Today on the blog, we are taking it a step further and are reviewing some rolling makeup cases.  Rolling cases in general are great for transporting product over long distances.  However, each case has it positive aspects as well as some challenging elements for makeup artists.

Founder Annie Lam has once again created this review to help other makeup artists find their perfect case to best suit their collection.  She has specifically reviewed the four cases that have been a part of her makeup journey so she has first hand experience using all of these cases.  Let’s get into it!

Leopard Rolling Makeup Train Case:–4-sliding-drawers—leopard-p786.aspx

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 9.23.58 AM

The metal exterior of this case was an amazing feature that protected the products within.  This case is a popular makeup case and can be found at many stores and is easily accessible.  Additional features of this case are the four main compartments to store your collection.  This case fits a massive amount of product.  The bottom compartment alone has 2 drawers each with dividers for storage and a brush holder.  The other 3 compartments have dividers that you can utilize to organize and effectively hold your makeup collections.  This is the perfect case for mobile storage.  Since the case is made out of metal, it got heavy quickly.  Currently, Annie is using this to store makeup that she doesn’t use as often.

Office Depot Ativa Mobile IT Case:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 9.23.33 AM

This soft-shell case is meant to hold office supplies, but Annie transformed this bag into a case that could accommodate her budding makeup collection.  The different compartments in the front pocket are very helpful in organizing your most used products.  Inside the actual case is one big compartment in the middle.  Unfortunately, it does not have compartments built in, so you can just take makeup bags to organize your different types of makeup and then stack everything in the middle.  The wheels on this case roll pretty well and overall the bag is heavy-duty and very durable.  As your makeup collection grows, this case will probably not be enough space for you.  Generally, this case is a great option for smaller collections if a makeup artists is just starting off and needs something reliable to roll around to jobs.

Joann’s Crop in Style XXL Tote:


This is actually a craft bag used for projects like scrapbooking.  The case came with original dividers that Annie took out and replaced with her own bags where she organized her makeup.  The front pockets are great to store things because the compartments are clear and are very large.  The side pockets hold even more materials and help keep the products you reach for the most close at hand.  After a while of using this case, the wheels might wear out due to wheeling around almost 50-60 pounds of products.  However, this case will fit pretty much everything you need for a job and will make transportation in one trip a breeze.

Zuca Flyer Artist Case:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 9.24.25 AM

The current case of Annie is this Zuca case.  It was around $284 with a pro discount.  This was the best price that she found online.  In comparison to the other three cases, this is the smallest in size but it fits everything she needs to take with her.  It weights around 40 pounds and the wheels make it very simple to carry and roll around.  Using this case is effortless and it is easy to pull up and down a flight of stairs.  For more information on this case, she has an in-depth review and an up close look here:

As a working makeup artist, you need to scope out the best case suitable for you.  No makeup collection is the same and no makeup artists is the same.  This has been Annie’s experience with her makeup cases and she is sharing her expertise with you.  Go out there and try some cases to see which one works best for you!  Let us know in the comments below what case you are using right now…we’d love to hear it!

Check out some of our recent makeup case reviews –

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Angie Capri Captures Authentic Moments and Expressions


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Angie Capri always had a camera on hand. Whether it was a family party, vacation, or other fun event, she made sure to have her camera nearby. She never knew when she would find something interesting, fun, or unique, so she was always prepared to snap away.

She said, “I always thought, what happens if I got amnesia one day?? I would have the memories covered!”

The inner photographer inside of her knew she had a passion for this art. However, she also had a special interest in travel, spending time outdoors, doing some DIY project, dancing (especially Salsa), and finding precious treasures at thrift stores/flea markets. During college, she was focused on psychology and criminal justice, as she wanted a career to stem from one of those areas of study.

She recalls, “I took a black and white film class as an elective and it was the first time I could lose all track of time & let me creativity soar—I was hooked!”


From a young age, the ideology of pursuing a real job to make her financially secure was taught to her, so she never looked at photography as a feasible lifestyle. Years later she found a path that made logical sense to her. She realized that if she wasn’t passionate about it, she couldn’t commit her life to doing it. She credits her boyfriend to being one of her biggest supporters because of his faith and encouragement of her to follow her dreams.

Angie adds, “I specialize in women’s photography, boudoir, and weddings. Women’s photography and boudoir because most women rarely receive a photo of themselves they absolutely love, that authentically feels like them and does them justice. Photographing people, making them relax and feel comfortable comes intuitively to me, so I’m able to capture their inner radiance, with authentic expressions…not cheesy fake smiles!”

1471205_487282838053034_1906284141_n 298980_328692070578779_1691013611_n

Additionally, she enjoys doing wedding photography and loves that she is able to work with clients in order to tell their happy “love story.” She watches their progression as a couple towards newlyweds from their engagement photo shoot and is with them until the cake is served at the reception. She gets a rush of emotion and adrenaline when she captures the different details, locations, personalities, and emotions on the big day. By the wedding, Angie feels more like a close friend rather than a vendor providing her services, which adds to her quality and friendly services.

Angie comments on some of the more difficult aspects of photography and states, “One of the most challenging aspects of being a people photographer and photographing women, is that you must also be part therapist. People are so used to nitpicking their photos and what they don’t like about themselves that sometimes they only can see those things first. I gently remind them to be kind to themselves and focus on all of their beauty instead, then they always start seeing that too.”


On the other hand, there are plenty of wonderful perks that come with her job. When she arrives for the start of the show, she is filled with nervous excitement. Once she spends a couple minutes getting the hang of things, she is fully in the zone and ready to capture happy, romantic, and loving memories. She is thrilled when she finds a new technique in shooting cool and unique images for her clients. This is one of the reasons why she loves to travel and explore new places. The travel she does is another exciting aspect of being a photographer.

She concludes, “My goal is to use photography to change the way people, especially women, see themselves. I want women to love having their photos taken again and love looking at themselves. It’s been my experience that our society, the media, and sometimes our friends and family, focus most on making their outsides sexy and beautiful, then forget that true beauty and happiness starts from within us.”

316963_337313176383335_12257697_n 254608_329100137204639_1830184224_n

To check out more of her work or get in touch with Angie, see her social medias here:


Facebook: /AngieCapriPhotography

Twitter: /SexyinHerSkin

Pinterest: /AngieCapri
LinkedIn: /in/AngieCapriPhotography

Instagram: /AngieCapriPhotography