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Airbrushing 101

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Do you want to have a flawless and natural coverage of makeup?  How about a perfect and smooth finish without any streaks of foundation?  All of this, and more, can be achieved with applying your foundation using an airbrush applicator.

For everyday makeup, powder and liquid foundation being applied with the hands, brush, or sponge are very typical. However, for special occasions it is well worth it to try using an airbrush approach for your foundation coverage. This makeup method floats on the top layer of skin that lets the natural skin show through.

There are three types of airbrush foundations that you and your makeup artists can discuss using, which are alcohol-based, silicone-based, and water-based.  Each of these bases are wonderful to create the most effortless and natural look. However, there are some differences that set them apart from each other.  Read on to learn more about each base, and which one will work best for you!

The alcohol-based foundation is completely waterproof with a matte finish.  You won’t have to worry about looking too shiny or having it streak or melt off with sweat or tears throughout the day.  On the other hand, this can be a tad rough on dry skin because the alcohol will further the dryness of your skin.  This is more commonly used on the body to cover arms, legs, etc.

The silicone-based foundation is not waterproof but instead water resistant.  Unlike the alcohol-based formula that has a matte finish, this base will cast a very dewy effect.  This makes the skin seem to glow and look absolutely luminous.  Brides who want to add to their natural bridal glow prefer this type of coverage.

The third type of based for airbrush makeup is water-based.  This is not water resistant and has a matte finish.  This type of base is more frequently used that the previous two bases. Many people use this water-based foundation for their daytime makeup rather than their wedding day look.

Many makeup artists love using the airbrush application when doing makeup because their clients are highly impressed by the end results. The clients notice that airbrush makeup lasts longer than their normal liquid or powder foundation and it is more water resistant and waterproof.  Additionally, the overall look is very natural, clean, and fresh.

Airbrush makeup supplies can be costly and are more expensive than typical makeup foundations, but the finished look is priceless. You will be overly pleased and surprised by how radiant this makeup will make you look and feel. In fact, you will be stunned at how light the makeup sits on your face.

Makeup artists spend many hours taking classes and practicing how to perfect the skill of applying foundation with the airbrush equipment.  Makeup artists really do recommend this type of coverage for special events and the results will speak for themselves…so try it out today!

If you are unsure of which base would work best with your skin or the look you are trying to achieve, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be thrilled to hear from you and can set up an appointment or trial to test out some of these bases on your skin!


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Introducing Nakia Hope

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“Maybe everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of.” – Markus Zusak

After developing an interest in all things beauty and fashion, Nakia loved to do hair and makeup for her friends on nights when they would get all dolled up.  Little did she know, that her high school hobby would turn into a lifetime career and passion.

Although she never went to a formal cosmetology school, she had a natural talent and eye for doing hair and makeup. She attended Makeup Institute, a makeup school, where she learned the basic and most important skills needed in her industry.  It was here that she honed her skills in makeup, specifically contouring, highlighting, wedding looks, high fashion applications, and HD makeup.

Nakia said, “Makeup makes me feel good because I love the transformation it gives me by enhancing my beauty more. I feel excited when doing make up because I love to see my client face when I’m done. They’re always very pleased to see their beauty enhanced too.”

To further her career and gain more experience, she joined The Makeup Movement in July 2013.  Her “team player” attitude is one of her biggest strengths on the team. Nakia has a flexible personality and is always ready to make others looks and feel their very best.   Even though she has tons of makeup, if she could only choose three items, she would choose her lashes, concealer, and a face powder—all part of an effortless, yet beautiful look.

She advises, “Don’t let fear discourage you from following your dream. No matter how scary it looks and feels always know you can overcome anything you put your mind too.”

Get to know Nakia’s style a little bit more…

Would you rather:

a) bold lip                 b) a neutral lip

a) curl your hair        b) straighten your hair

a) go a month without makeup  b) go a year without dessert

a) runway makeup   b) photo shoot

a) gel/liquid liner   b) pencil eyeliner

a) lipstick                 b) eye shadow


Check out Nakia’s work here:

Facebook Page: Nakia Hope

Instagram: nakia31kiss

Business Email:

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The Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

The question was popped, a ring is on your finger, and a date has been set…now what?  Preparation is the key to a flawless execution for any event, especially a wedding.  Love is in the air, there is a flurry of people surrounding you, and emotions are swirling all around.  This is not the time to stress about how you look; so let others take care of it for you!

You need to book your hair and makeup artists weeks to months in advance to ensure that they are available for your wedding day.   It is also imperative to book them ahead of time, so that you can also schedule a trial run.  Trial runs will help your hair artist get a sense of the look you want them to create for you.  They must take into consideration your hair length and thickness, your face shape, and the dress.

The same hairstyle will look different on every person.  To guarantee that you are completely head over heels in love with your hairstyle, read on to see our recommendations.

OvalOval: Having this face shape means that there are no overly pronounced corners on your face and that you face is longer than the width.  Oval faces are fortunate because practically any hairstyle will flatter this shape.  However, be warned that when hair sits right on top of your head, it will create a face too long.

For a simple, beautiful, and dainty look, we suggest loose curls.  It will frame your face with soft waves all throughout the night.  This is a very romantic style with a feminine touch.  If you want a more natural style, curl your hair strands is different directions, but make sure to curl the front pieces away from the face.  This will expose your face and make your cheekbones more prominent.

If you would like more of an intricate hair design, we recommend an up-do.  Pulling your hair back will expose your face and highlight your features while making your face less narrow.  Try out different types of buns, messy looks, clean looks, and pick which one you love best.  The sky is the limit for oval faces, so pull your hair out of your face and show off your bridal glow!


Heart: The characteristics of this face shape include a fuller forehead and jawline that begins to narrow out by the chin.  This unique face shape can have many ways to create a more balanced and proportional effect.  Bangs are a great way to frame your face to create a narrower forehead.

It’s important to try and fill the area around your chin.  Brides who have short hair can pull this off with a stylish, chic, and modern bob.  Having slight waves can also draw attention away from a narrow chin.  For brides with longer hair, a side bun would be perfect for this.  Have your hair stylists arrange some side bangs or some strands of hair falling out gently surrounding your face.

In order to subdue the difference between the chin and jawline, do not pull the hair away from the face too tightly.  A very subtle and classic style is an off-centered part while lightly arranging your hair away from the face.  For something more fun or detailed, try a loose twist or braid to crown your head, which can be pulled back into a bun.


Square:  A square face is indicated with a strong forehead and jawline that are similar in width.  This creates the illusion of corners along the face.  To soften the corners of your face, bangs are also a great fix to frame your face.

Straight hair that just flows down your back creates a simple and effortless look.  The hair will act as a border to your face and will mask the angles of your face.  This will draw attention to the center of your face, thus creating a subtler jawline and narrower face.  However, loose curls can also be styled around your face and will draw attention away from the harsh edges just as nicely.  Your hairstyle is very much a personal preference decision that your hair artists will help you achieve.

Another quick tip that works wonders for a square face is the placement of your hair part.  Styling a side part, will take away from the four angles of your face, creating a rounder look.  The ultimate tip for a bride with a square face who wants an up-do is to keep everything loose and flowing.  No tight buns because that will increase the noticeable square shape of your face.


Round: People with a round face have a softer jawline but more pronounced cheekbones similar to the width of the forehead.  For your perfect wedding hairstyle, there are many different variations that you can choose from.  Brides with a rounder face might want to add volume to their hair, but the main goal you want to achieve with this look is a slightly elongated face.

For a style with you hair loosely flowing, try a deep side part.  This will create the illusion of having more corners or angles to your face.  To add volume to a side part, practice with some curls.  You can choose more structured curls, loose curls, alternating direction curls, or even glamour Hollywood curls.  The choice is up to you!

Another gorgeous style to test out is an up-do on top of your head.  This will make your face seem much longer.   Also you could try a ponytail or bun with a side part.  This looks very sophisticated, elegant, and sleek all while highlighting your cheekbones.

As you can tell, no matter what face shape you have, there are tons of styles that will look absolutely stunning and gorgeous as you walk down the aisle.  Not sure which one best suits you?  Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!  Contact us and we can set up a trial session to help you decide what amazing hairstyle you will rock on your magical wedding day.

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Introducing Brianne Sparks

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During the fall of last year, Brianne Sparks felt like she hit a rut.  After doing hair in a salon she wanted to breakaway and start doing makeup more regularly.  Beginning her freelance work outside of the office was the perfect move that brought her to join The Makeup Movement in August of 2013.

Always having an interest in the arts, she was very creative and loved to draw and paint.  Her favorite creations were self-portraits and she mastered the art of turning a flat surface into a three-dimensional masterpiece.  Practicing this prepared her for a career in makeup that she thinks was very useful.

Brianne said, “My ultimate inspiration for doing makeup came from the Jim Henson film Labyrinth. I loved all the characters and wanted to make them myself! As for hair it’s just another art form that I had a knack for so why not do both, after all you have more control of the over all look!”

Brianne completed her studies at the Makeup Designory and finished a Masters Makeup Artist Program which specializes in effects, animatronic, beauty, characters and runaway.  She also graduated from the California Beauty College for Cosmetology.

This makeup maven said, “My ultimate piece of advice is to take care of your skin! Moisturize daily and exfoliate every other week, at the least, and drink lots of water! Good skin starts within-oh, and cut out fast food that makes you break out!”

Her personal makeup style is fresh and clean—with something extra for added drama to her look.  For her work, she enjoys high fashion because she thinks that her options are endless to what she can create.  For her personal style, she uses her Motives custom blend liquid foundation with sunscreen, mascara, and brow color for an easy, go-to look.

“I feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do when I finish doing a makeup.  Makeup makes me feel creative because I can transform myself into anyone or any character I like,” she concludes.

To contact Brianne, check out her social medias here:


Instagram  briannemakeupandhair


Pinterest: briannesparks


Number: 9252168499


The Guide to Clean, Clear, and Flawless Skin

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Brides spend a fortune on planning their wedding, making appointments for food tastings, scheduling fittings, exercising, and eating healthy for that walk down the aisle.  However, some brides might overlook their beauty routine in the crazy and hectic weeks before the big “I do.”  Sure brides schedule hair and makeup trials months in advance, but what about their actual skin?  Hair and makeup add that extra boost of confidence and the coveted bridal glow, but it helps if there is a clean foundation.  This brings us to the importance of beautiful and clear skin.  Having a facial before your wedding day will not only help clear up any skin irritations or blemishes, but it will also help you de-stress and relax.

The frequency of scheduling facials depends on the individuals themselves.  For facial peels, it is typical for a person to have three peels every 3 weeks.  This will lead to optimal results.  For more problematic skin such as aged, scarred, or acne-prone skin, a facial peel series can be done every 3 months.

Specifically for a bride, they should visit their aesthetician as soon as possible.  Once you find an aesthetician and fall in love with their work, stick with them!  The longer you work with a specific person, the more they will learn about your skin and they will be able to treat it better so that you can have the best looking skin that radiates on your special day.

Aesthetician, Jessica Frame said, “It is important to get facials especially if you have problematic or aging skin because the ingredients a professional uses in the treatment room are a lot stronger and concentrated then the products that you use at home. If you would like to make any correction to your skin, it is very important to use products with highly active ingredients.”

When visiting your aesthetician, they will have been trained in their field and will have experience with various skin types.  Your aesthetician will be able to evaluate your skin and recommend procedures to be done during the actual facial appointment.  This will also be a change in your typical routine that will give you a chance to test out different types of treatments.

For a bride with dry skin, it is very crucial to hydrate correctly.  This will ensure that your skin will hopefully neutralize and gain more moisture leading up to your wedding. However, make sure that you are hydrating by both drinking water and applying a quality moisturizer.  Additionally, light exfoliating to remove dead skin cells is another vital component to gorgeous skin.

For brides with oily skin, Jessica says, “A lot of people think that you do not need to moisturize oily skin. Correction! They need to hydrate and moisturize just as much as anybody. If you do not use the proper moisturizers for skin, it may react and start producing more oil just to keep the skin lubricated. This may be causing an overproduction of oil when you aren’t even aware of it.”

For a bride with normal skin, it is still necessary to moisturize to keep the skin neutralized, and Jessica adds, “You hear me say for all skin types that hydration is key.”

When it comes down to your wedding day, you can pretty much expect that everything will go as planned.  Your skin, however, is one thing you cannot know for sure until the day itself.  If you are completely broken out due to stress, your best friend for that day will be your concealer!  You must fight the urge to pop or pick it; this will only cause irritation and redness.

With Jessica’s expertise that comes with working as an aesthetician, she adds this piece of advice, “The best advice I have for brides dealing with their skin is to consult an aesthetician as soon you know your wedding date. It is best that a professional start treating you as soon as possible and make sure you’re on the proper skincare regimen at home, which is the most important thing. And if you want to do any major correction the sooner the better!”

Jessica is an aesthetician and one of the Sanctuary cofounders located in Pleasant Hill.  She went to Deluxe Cosmetology in Concord where she studied to become a licensed aesthetician, but attributes most of her wisdom from mentors whom she has learned from.  Brides, don’t wait another minute!  Contact Jessica through her website ( or your go-to-aesthetician and start getting that soft and luscious skin you deserve!